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The Bird Series (Spring Where are you ?)…

Continuing with my love of Animals and in this regard Birds…I bring you what else ? But more birds. All Mediums used include Faber-Castell Art Pens/Colored & Black Sharpies/Crayola Crayons & Pro Art Oil Pastels. All drawings are 5.5 X 8 Inches.







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How far you going back ? Way back…And it goes a little somethin like this..Hit it !

Rob Base Biz Markie Naughty by Nature Salt N Peppa 

and turn table instrumentalist Reading’s Own Johnny V from Power 99.9 FM

Location/Date/Time: Santander Arena, Reading Pa 4/24/15 8PM

a blow by blow of our Mini Vacation

  • Leaving Allentown by 10:45 AM
  • Lunch at Foodie Haven/Bathroom Nightmare Shady Maple (why did I let Jess talk me into eating there again)
  • Arrive at Carlson Country Suites in Wyomissing..Looks like they had  fire damage at the entrance..tiny pool all to ourselves..amazing hot tub all to ourselves, comfy bed and pillows for Jess..Hotel beds and I just don’t get along..pillows too fluffy for my taste hurt my neck. The Bathroom was tiny for a fat guy like the door and it nearly hits the toilet, I had a hard time getting in and out of the claustrophobic bathroom. A microwave, a fridge, a flat screen tv and very thin walls.
  • Dinner at Willoughby’s Bar and Grill right across the parking lot..Best Juiciest Burger I had since eating at the now shuttered Hanna’s Ugly Mug in Whitehaven. Jess had a portobello veggie burger. Outstanding this joint tasted locally owned and operated.
  • Drive into not so safe feeling Reading..I swear I see a drug deal go down. Jess and I think we are at the arena cos there is a concert/hockey/event mural on the side of the we park behind the building in a lot for $10..turns out this was an office building and the arena was two blocks away..not  the best feeling walking after dark in downtown Reading..thankfully other people parked as far away as us.
  • Waiting in line outside, some chick pushes me into this tall well dressed black dude who gives me ‘tude till he actually listens to me tell him, i got pushed into him. Then it’s all good and he’s shaking my hand and giving me the pound saying how the show is gonna be good, helped that his woman calmed him down too..Don’t go messing with a short fat white dude from Allentown wearing a skull cap brutha..Naw, just posturing I wasn’t looking for trouble and I think I handled myself quite well.
  • In we go and they got mad crazy security wands on everyone and the dude checking me says look at my fingers and he feels my head..i am clean,,always am :)
  • In we go to find our seats it’s not even 8 PM but I hear someone rapping we get to our section and while looking for our seats it’s right in the middle of Rob Base doing a sick rendition of It takes two..he was my selling point for seeing this Jam, so I am glad I didn’t completely miss him. I think Rob did 2 songs. Not sure if the other was Joy & Pain.
  • IMG_5405

Next up the goofy man of the hour…Biz Markie. Slammin’ when showing off his beat boxing skillz but dude it’s funny when you sang during the chorus of Just a friend, but other attempts at actual singing…leave it to the pro’s bro ! Some raps..but lot’s of Posturing and working the crowd..not the greatest set..At least Rob kicked it heavy !IMG_5411 IMG_5423

Followed buy the worst low point of the Evening meant to keep the party going became boring as all hell as DJ Johnny V from Power 99.9 FM and another dude did a scratch battle for 30 minutes I heard more than one person say they didn’t pay to see a DJ Throw down..only got good when Johnny V got two girls to do a dance off to the Percolator.

IMG_5430Then Johnny V said Naughty by Nature and Salt N Peppa were in the House Finally

  • By far the best set of the evening went to Naughty by Nature, they played new stuff, old stuff, classic stuff, worked the crowd by asking which decade they were playing too and Treach showed off his 6 pack while sharing his brew with a few (even cracking a joke saying “It aint Apple Juice”) By far these guys still got it..I’d see them solo !

IMG_5438 IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5445 IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5471

  • The Night ended on “headliners” Salt N Peppa..again lot’s of Posturing and a boring DJ solo by Spinderella spinning Guns and Roses and Nirvana ?!? Some of the lyrics to their songs were altered, they didn’t sing shoop during shoop (does En Vogue own the rights to that ?) some tempos’s were changed too. The ladies still looked and sounded good but their set wasn’t as tight as NBN. Salt even did a Kirk Franklin song from their last Gospel tinged Rap Album ending the night on a higher power literally.

IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5485 IMG_5486the happy hip hop couple in White People Section 111 Row V Seats 5 & 6


  • a brisk walk back to the car
  • a drive back to The Carlson Suites
  • Watched a bit of Jimmy Fallon
  • fell asleep
  • Next Morning Free Breakfast..Waffles MTO, French Toast, Sausage, Eggs MTO, Assorted Bread, Oatmeal, Cereal, Coffee, Juices, Fruits..all part of our stay :) On the way back to the room to check out..Young black lady on the elevator likes my Captain America shirt said her son would want one and asked if we were gonna see the Avengers, I mentioned we went to the show last night and she said said her Boyfriends Parents wanted to go so they went too. I felt old LOL.
  • drove home..wrote this blog..a pretty decent mini trip I must say.

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