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Hard to get on paper…

Getting the family tragedy on paper in cartoon turtle form is just as hard as if I was shooting for realism. I thought by doing this work it would be cathartic in some way but it’s been a creative struggle. I have till January to complete it but the pace is going to be very slow. After 12 years without my Mom it still resonates as a loss in my heart. The direct pain goes away and life goes on but when someone means so much to you as my Mom did to me something lingers.. I love that my Mom touched so many hearts I hear it from my ex sister-in-law Tina and my cousins Deb & Audra.

After I complete this book I think I am going to write about the flip side of my Mom and share all the positives maybe a anthology of sorts from family about their favorite memories. :)

Me & Mom circa 1991



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