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Allentown had a taste of the Alternative…

For almost 30 years the City of Allentown, Pa has had an arts fest in May called Mayfair Festival of the arts. It has attracted quite a huge following of people, artists, vendors and other attractions but as of late the festival has been steadily swimming in the red and they’ve had to charge admission.

For a few Summers now, the city of Allentown has been throwing a free arts fest in Center City called The Freak Out Fringe Fest which contains some really out there Avant-garde artists and performers and now the city ventures into another free arts fest in it’s first year called the Allentown Arts Fest sponsored by The Alternative Gallery. 

Hip enough to feature some very interesting artists like Mike Cabreza Photography, MueroApparo, Chaz Hampton, The 5050 Company, Heaven’s Balance Photography & Jewelry & the Odd Hair art of Rebecca Reeves. They also had artists at work, Yarn Bombed trees from the Knitters Edge, Spray Paint Graffiti Artists at work, Break Dancers, Skateboarders, an area for Kids, Bands & my friend Kara’s improv troupe 4AM in Thailand.

A small amount of participating artists for it’s inaugural year but very cool and beyond the norm in what is normally offered from most of them. Now knowing that booth space is $200..I am tempted to share space with my wife at the next fest which I am hoping they have :)

IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817 IMG_3818 IMG_3819 IMG_3820 IMG_3821 IMG_3822 IMG_3825 IMG_3831 IMG_3834 IMG_3836





From Life to Death in about a Month…

Walking Dead Mixed Media Painting Finished:

Media used: Colored Sharpie, Comic Panels, Gauche, Acrylics, Faber-Castel Bold Art Pens, Typewritten Psalm.

IMG_3547 IMG_3655IMG_3657



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