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Red Skies in the Morning…

Yet another cat..channeling my brother’s late Calico Rex Cat Mimi, I drew this pretty kitty sitting along the lake at Sunrise.

I was feeling off my game because a co-worker mentioned that if you use crayon you’re not really an artist. But, I feel that no matter the medium if your work grabs someone’s attention, gives someone a smile, makes someone think..then I would as an artist you are doing something right. Yeah I have the education and the means and the skill to be a realist but to me, that’s what photography is for. So I cartoon more when it comes to my Illustrations but that’s what I enjoy the most. As well as abstract painting to reflect a mood or 3-D work, or the written word or even the use of film making.

I know people out there like what I do and I like what I do..that’s all that should matter.

Media Used: Faber-Castel  6B  Drawing Pencil, Pro Art Oil Pastels, Crayola Twistables, Faber-Castel Fine Point Arts Pens, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint


Purrfect Pairings (My Love for Cats Continues)…

Four More Cards done for the Lehigh Valley Post Card Project. All showcasing my love for cats. The first is an abstract kitty of my own design, the remaining three are a Scottish Highland Fold, A Red Somali and a Classic Tabby Bengal Kitten.

Media Used:

Colored Sharpie, Faber-Castel Fine Point Art Pen,Crayola Crayon & Prang Colored Pencil.

CatSeriesII_1-2 CatSeriesII_3-4


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